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Ryne Ormond

Ryne Ormond was born in 1996. Having spent his youth living in multiple houses due to his divorced families’ instability, awash with turmoil and distrust, he became used to the unstable, ephemeral, and untrustful. He found control through creation, and as a way to find an outlet for himself, he began dabbling within the art world. After graduating from Douglas County High, he pursued a degree in Fine Arts at Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colorado; thereafter transferring to the University of Utah in 2017. This not only acted as a departure from a bed with no home, but also as a way to further grow as an individual and as an artist. This is where he honed his use of satire, wit, and dark comedy – through his realization that he was now free in a society he didn’t understand. At the University of Utah, he continued to improve his practice within various mediums and graduated with a major in Sculpture Intermedia and a minor in Ceramics in 2021. Ryne now instructs pottery at Stone Bear Studios whilst he pursues his artistic career. He plans to eventually find some stability in his life as well.

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